Humidity and AHU control solutions

Precision and Energy control in HVAC

Relative humidity is one of the fundamental ambient parameters used to define the normal operating conditions of a cleanroom, and often the limits in tolerance are very restricted

Precise humidity control

Precise control of relative humidity is required influences the main factors that affect the performance of cleanrooms:

  • Precise humidification
  • maximising energy saving and hygiene
  • Integrated AHU control solutions
  • Simple and fast access to information of output of AHU, supplied utilities and possible condition with respect to supplied utilities on the AHU using ITC I
  • Risk of electrostatic discharges;
  • proliferation of biological contaminants;
  • speed of chemical reactions;
  • swings in the properties of photoresist;
  • swings in the properties of photoresist;
  • personal comfort.


specialists in temperature and humidity control

Psychrocontrols has been designing and manufacturing electronic control systems for air-conditioning and humidity control applications.

This specialization, together with the extensive experience acquired, makes PSYCHROCONTROLS the ideal partner for high-tech and industries, Laboratories, Hospitals and warehouse’s where reliability and precision humidity control are essential.

The integrated solution

Air handling unit applications feature a very wide variety of system types, with differing degrees of specificity.

For cleanrooms too,PSYCHROCONTROLS can supplysolutions for all installations, whatever their complexity: modular controller up to compete system supervision solutions to ensure reliability, precision and maximum energy saving.

Electrostatic Discharges

To limit electrostatic discharges that are harmful to electronic components, relative humidity should be kept above 30%.

Chemical Reactions

Close humidity control means greater control over processes. The speed of many chemical reactions, including the corrosion processes, depends on the relative humidity.

Bacteria Containments

Controlling and keeping relative humidity between 40% and 60 % minimizes the proliferation of bacteria and other biological contaminants ( viruses, fungi, mould, mites).

PSYCHROCONTROLS is Supplying most suitable type of Temperature and humidity controllers for the installation, together with an optimum control system to optimize energy costs. Intelligent

Precise humidity control

Intelligent control system will collect the inputs from various locations and asses the best possible conditions based on the set points with respective to the available input of chilled water, hot water and heat exchange capacity of the AHU Controller shall indicate the possible set points of temperature and RH with respective to the inputs According

According to the possible condition’s controller will auto tune the temperature and RH with pression level without any deviation as it is mentioned During the optimization the first preference is for the temperature optimization Then the RH will be auto tuned to best possible level

Example :

1.If cooling coil is not performing well, then the controller will indicate the same and auto tune to give the priority to set temperature

2. If the chilled water is supplying at higher temperature, and RH has been set at low level, then the controller will indicate the possible RH and it will auto tune to the best possible set point for the RH at given set temperature

List of important alerts:

  • 1. Chilled water temperature high,
  • 2. Colling coil clogged,
  • 3. Pre filters clogged,
  • 4. Setpoint error
  • 5. Low Chilled water flow
  • 6. Hot water temperature low


Extremely precise control limits are required when processing semiconductors,for example, the viscosity of photoresist is very sensitive to relative humidity

Capillary forces

Capillary forces can affect the precision and speed of processes In particular, when relative humidity is high, these forces increase the adhesion of water particles to surfaces

Personal comfort

Relative humidity between 40% and 60% represents the personal comfort zone . Higher humidity causes a feeling of discomfort, while lower humidity causes inflammation of the mucous and chapped skin.

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