Water & Sanitation

Water scarcity causes several sanitation issues in rural India. Several state governments have been educating the rural population on the importance of sanitation. S. Uppalapadu is of the few villages in Andhra Pradesh to work towards improving its sanitation and water management. A village hygiene team was formed, to spread awareness on hygiene and sanitation in the village, with the help of the local police. The awareness rally was very successful in eradicating open defecation and empowering villagers towards building a good sanitation system in the village.

With constant efforts from the village development team and with the interest of villagers, S. Uppalapadu is now equipped with 370 individual household toilets, in-house and public water supply facilities, and a strong sewage management system. Under the National Rural Drinking Water Program (NRDWP), two functional Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants were constructed in the village for domestic water supply to the whole village. The efforts from the villagers have resulted in a good water harvesting system in the village.