S. Uppalapadu- The Smart Village

Saalevari Uppalapdu is a village panchayat located close to Jammalamadugu town in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. The village has a population of 2436 people and been transformed into the first smart village of Andhra Pradesh in January 2019. The ecosystem built in Uppalapadu is the result of a constant push from the government of Andhra Pradesh and the support from the villagers. S. Uppalapadu has been transformed into a home to clean localities, decorated schools, healthy sanitation systems, attractive Anganwadi centers, and smart Gram Panchayat buildings as a result of several developmental activities.

The village houses 3 schools out of which 2 are Mandal Parishad Primary (MPP) schools and the other is a Zilla Parishad High School. Today, the MPP school has English as the medium of instruction. The village adoption empowered the villagers with health, education, and employment.