Bharat Coffee OUR STORY

We believe that coffee is more than just a drink. It’s a culture and a passion.

Brewing for more than 60 years now, we make sure that the coffee you enjoy each day has taken an amazing journey to arrive in your cup. The aroma of our filter coffee will not Only elevate your senses but also make you happy and joyful..
at Bharat Coffee we have different combinations to entice your taste.

Tea lovers need not shy away for we have the best flavour , the Chocolate tea also!

A cup of coffee or tea with a few snacks to bite completely satisfies your taste buds!
Select from a range of fresh South Indian snacks to complete your tea time!



Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans. Kaldi discovered coffee, after he found that the goats became very energetic and did not sleep in the night, after eating the berries of a certain tree There are two varieties of coffee bean, Arabica and Robusta. The scientific name of Chicory is Cichorium Intybus. […]

chocolate tea

With over 1,500 varieties, not including all the different herbal blends, it’s a comforting and pleasant drink with healing effects. In the blue zones, where it’s consumed regularly, it’s thought to be healthier than water. Green tea provides strong immune support for fighting diseases and prolonging a quality life. Tea leaves contain powerful antioxidants called […]


Consistent Quality maintained

Authenticity and Passionate brewing

Affordable Cost

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“It is a habit….The taste of your tongue can never forget and craves everytime, wonderful coffee powder”

Client 7

I am extremely happy to have found Bharat coffee in Hyd which delivers the “authentic Filter Coffee”

Client 1

“The sambhar powder, rasam powder has the typical Palghat taste to it. Their most popular item in my house is Onion Karvadam. My kids are addicted to this.”

Client 3

“The products feel very much like homemade. Not spicy or oily and yet tasty.”

Client 4

“The snacks r very fresh n tasty…quality is too good….we r enjoying them from past 5mnths…peanut and til ladoos r highlights😊”

Cient 5